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How to work with Therapy by Moonlight

Step 1: Request a free 15-minute consult.  You can request your 15-minute consult in two ways: 

Phone: (512) 356-9301 or  


Step 2: Once the therapist and client have talked and agreed to work together, the therapist will send a welcome email to the client.  The client must create and activate their portal from Simple Practice and Grow Therapy.  Why? I use Simple Practice for the electronic health record (EHR - Therapy Jargon) and Grow Therapy for billing only.  Please ensure you complete all required documentation which you will receive in your patient portal.  You must send a message in the client portal or by phone to cancel an appointment.  Therapy by Moonlight charges a $75 late cancelation (any appointment canceled in the afternoon the day before the appointment.) No-show policy.